How to participate in CAGI6?

Participation in CAGI6 requires you to have a CAGI account and a Synapse account. Your CAGI registration will link the two. Due to data restriction policies, you must request participation in each challenge separately (once you have both a Synapse ID and are registered for CAGI6). In addition, you may participate individually or form a prediction team for each challenge. Each team can submit predictions for up to six different models, with model 1 being considered your primary model.

The process is simple. Please follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Synapse website to obtain Synapse username

Synapse usernames from all participants in a CAGI challenge will be visible to other participants admitted to the challenge (all are CAGI registered participants). If you would like to remain anonymous to others on the Synapse platform, please pick a non-identifying Synapse username.

2. Go to the CAGI registration website to register for CAGI6

You will need to provide your Synapse username during CAGI registration. You will also be asked to accept our Data Use Agreement (read it carefully!) and fill out an optional demographics form (we need it for the grant reporting purposes).

3. Request participation in a CAGI6 challenge on Synapse

Depending on the sensitivity of a challenge dataset, you may receive emails from the CAGI organizers requesting further information for the purposes of validating your request. It might take 24 hours or longer before you are admitted to a challenge. 

4. Go to the CAGI challenge to download data and submit predictions

You can find the link to a relevant Synapse page on the challenge description page from the CAGI web site. 

Last updated: May 27, 2021